Amy Goldman Koss

Check out my newspaper articles from the L.A. Times:

In life's winter, it's easier to be astounded by the spring

Caring for a potato patch will give you faith in the future

Is autopay a punishment or a benign paperless future?

GPS is definitely better than maps, breadcrumbs or your 'sense of direction'

In grandmotherhood as in motherhood, bliss can't be the whole story

It's that time of year, when charities make such insistent pleas that even the dead pay up

When she goes silent

When the call to evacuate comes, what will you take?

Slaughter of the aphids, a garden wars story

I will never again see my mom as she once was. But even with Parkinson's dementia, she's still my mom

I'm ready to get stoned again like I did 40 years ago

Straight outta the Jewish Home for the Aged: Best wishes for 2018

The fairy godmother stumper

How can we miss our kids if they won't go away?

What can stop the worms? How about a 60-year-old asphault driveway? is a 21st century deal with the devil

My mom's dementia has stripped her of all but her least-endearing personality trait: Worry

Something a lot of us could get behind - a week without Trump

My city couldn't support a winter homeless shelter this year and I'm ashamed

When my mother-in-law died, cleaning her house quickly fell on me. I was not pleased.

The secret life of a Hillary voter

Bulldozers ripped a plot of nature out of my neighborhood

When in doubt, throw it out? If only it were that easy to deal with possessions

The price of being a superhero daughter

Aging parents, scary home

Facebook and the simple pleasures of procrastination

For the homeless, taking shelter - in a book

The New Year's Me

Plastic, Fantastic Barbie

My Hostess Envy

Gardening: Dirt Deeds and Dire Warnings

Maurice Sendak and the Wildest Things of All

Another Kind of "Hunger Games"

Zinnia's So-Called Life


My Birthday

Barbie's 50th Birthday

Bomb Shelter

Obama and Smoking

Death vs. Dying

Head Lice

LA County Fair

Memorial Day (Lisa Segment)

TV Scam


Amazon Buy Button

Why We Read

Sleepless in Glendale

Here's one from SCBWI:

The Fountain of Youth

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