Amy Goldman Koss




The Girls

Maya has been part of the group ever since the day Candace asked her if she wanted to "do lunch" in the cafeteria. Yet when Candace suddenly deems her unworthy, Maya's so-called friends just blow her off. While Maya just wants the girls back like they used to be, she knows that can never happen - because whatever Candace wants, Candace gets, no matter who gets hurt.

New York Public Library's Best Books for the Teenage List 2001
ALA-YALSA Top Ten Quick Picks
IRA-CBC Children's Choice Award 2001
IRA-YA Choices 2002
2003-2004 Land of Enchantment
2003-2004 Maud Hart Lovelace Award (Minnesota's Children's Choice for grades 3-5 and 6- 2003 Garden State Teen Book Awards

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