Amy Goldman Koss





Side Effects

As if it doesn’t suck enough to have cancer, practically every time you pick up books or see movies where characters get sick, you know they’ll be dead by the last scene.

In reality, kids get all kinds of cancers, go through unspeakable torture and painful treatments, but walk away fine in the end.

From the acclaimed author of The Girls and Poison Ivy, Side Effects is about the pain, fear, and unlikely comedy of 15-year-old Izzy’s journey, told in her own powerful and authentic voice. It is Izzy’s story -- screams and all.

American Library Association 2006 BBYA (Best Books For Young Adults)
New York Public Library Recommended List for Young Adults
Junior Library Guild Premier Selection Pick
Kirkus -- Best Books of the Year
St. Louis Missouri Read It Forward 2008
Nominated for Rhode Island YA Book of the Year Award 2008
Nominated for the Georgia Peach Book of the Year Award 2008

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