Amy Goldman Koss


The Trouble With Zinny Weston

Zinny Weston has been Ava's best friend since the moment they met. There's only one problem: Ava's house is like a zoo, and Zinny's idea of a pet is a fur coat. When the Westons get a fishpond in their backyard, Ava hopes Zinny might finally be turning into an animal lover. Then a raccoon starts eating the fish, and soon the rumors start flying. What did Mrs. Weston do to eliminate her raccoon trouble? Who ratted on her to the Animal Protection Agency? Drawn into a nasty battle with Zinny over who did what, Ava wonders: Can they ever be friends again?

Talented first novelist Amy Goldman Koss blends sensitivity and humor in this thought-provoking and often hilarious novel about animal rights and friendship.

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